Wide-format printing

Wide-format printing


Wide format printing is being done:

  • Printing on banners
  • Printing on paper
  • Printing on canvas
  • Printing on self-adhesive roll.

The most common materials are also banners and film in case of wide format printing.

There are two types of wide format printing: external and internal.

In the production of outdoor advertising (advertising posters, billboards, stretch marks, net posters) are mainly used with a width of 3.2 m. The reproduction of wide format color is not perfect, but due to the right layout and good equipment it is possible to get the right and proper result.

In interior printing such materials are used as canvas (for reproduction or making modular paintings), textiles, photo posters, self-adhesive films, wallpaper and photo paper. It should be noted that latex paints, UV inks are also used in interior printing. It should be added also that these materials can be used in both external and internal printing.


The most popular materials for wide format printing are fabric banners (poster), net posters, self-adhesive papers (oracal), canvases, poster papers, etc.

This range of materials is sufficient to meet almost all the requirements for the production of advertising structures or interior design. The wide print size not only makes your advertisement more visible, but also makes it easier to understand and remember.

In general, wide format printing now occupies one of the leading positions in print advertising.  

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